Start me up!

Lets talk about things that have a tendency to keep my motor running, so to speak. Writing and photography.

One of the things I enjoy about writing is the feeling of being unleashed. Like, being set loose after a long time in confinement. The need to write and create. The feeling of the keys beneath my fingertips typing out every little thing that pops into my head. Every word, every descriptive paragraph and every scene. In a way, writing makes me feel alive. It gives me a reason to get through the day, so I can come home and type out two measly paragraphs. That might not seem like such an accomplishment, but after a long and exhausting day at work, I’m lucky to even make it past my couch to get to the computer chair. It’s an effort that I’m willing to make when I’m not partially unconscious.

Photography makes me feel the same way. When you’re looking at the world through a camera lens, I find that you’re really able to see the things you generally overlook. For example – looking up. I find that too many times when I’m out walking or exploring I never take the chance to look up. I find, since that realisation , I do it often now, even when I’m not taking photographs. Sometimes a perspective change is all you need to see something beautiful.

For me, photography is about having fun. Yes, there are times when I take it very seriously, but there are also times when I just have fun with it. Everyone should just have fun and be a bit of a goof with their photography. For example: I once spent forty-five minutes chasing a butterfly at Fundy National Park simply because I could.

Randomly chasing a butterfly is also, probably, among the list of reasons why my mother thinks I can’t go anywhere unsupervised. I’ve been living on my own for ages now, but when I tell her about things like chasing butterflies, she’ll give me a look that says I’m suddenly five years old again and she wants to properly educate me on why chasing butterflies is not socially acceptable for adults. It’s probably why most of the crazy things I do, she doesn’t know about. I think that everyone should get that look at least once in their life. Socially acceptable for adults? Pshhaw! Be a five-year old!


5 thoughts on “Start me up!

  1. How on earth do you pronounce your name?!

    I love this post and your spirit of fun and adventure. I’m 54 and still seeing the world with the enthusiasm you bring. Your Mom needs to chase some butterflies, too…
    I suspect being a Buddhist is informing your worldview of living in the moment.

    • Caorthine isn’t really my name. It’s just something fun I picked to represent myself on the internet. It’s gaelic for thunderbolt and since my ancestry is mostly Irish, I thought it appropriate. Caorthine is pronounced – KWEER HI-nuh.
      I think my mother might be too serious to chase butterflies, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from trying to convince her.
      Living in the moment is absolutely something that I enjoy and would like others to enjoy too, since that’s generally what leads me to things like chasing butterflies or climbing to the top of a tree simply to see the area from a different angle. Buddhism certainly gives me a different outlook.

  2. Chasing butterflies IS socially acceptable as an adult! Especially when they are the most beautiful butterflies ever 🙂 I would have been right there with you, running…

  3. Love those pictures -always fun to have a peek in others notebooks! And those trees make me miss the Pacific Northwest (unfortunately I’ve never been to New Brunswick.)
    Childlike enthusiasm for things is, without doubt, the best way to live. Keep it coming!

  4. Wonderful pictures! My two favorite things in the world are photography and writing…we should compare notes sometime!
    I just started my blog the other day. Your blog is exactly the vision that I had for mine! ^.^ Thank you for all the beautifully interesting babbling. 🙂

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