I’m sane. Well, sort of?

For the record, I’m a relatively normal cat-lady I promise; it’s just that my cats are so darn entertaining. This is the obligatory cat introduction post. All three of my darlings were adopted. My two monster boys from a shelter and my little girl from a friend.

The hulking, dark furred tabby in the above picture is Lord Byron. I named him after one of my favorite poets and because he thinks he’s the Lord of my castle. He’s very distinguished and has a love for all places high. It also adds to his character that when he looks down on you, you feel like a minion. Byron has his aloof moments, although he is capable of great affection, usually at three in the morning, after he’s awoken me from a dead sleep by kneading my breasts. It probably doesn’t help that I named him after a playboy.

The tiny mostly white furred one in the above picture is Bandersnatch. I named her after the frumious Bandersnatch from the works of Lewis Carroll. She was abandoned on my friend’s farm and I took her in. I was only supposed to keep her until my friend found someone else to adopt her, but that, obviously, didn’t work out. Bander got her name after her first bath. She was covered in cow dung, so a bath was necessary, but she’s so tiny and quick that she climbed up my face to get out of the water. She’s also very bossy, not all that affectionate, and is a complete bitch. I love her despite that though.

The handsome ginger fellow in the above photo is Michelangelo. Most people assume that I named him after the Renaissance artist, but the truth is – I’m not that classy. I named him after my favorite Ninja Turtle. It certainly helps that he’s orange. Mikey is a huge mama’s boy and great big sook. When you pick him up he’ll go completely limp  in your arms. I have yet to figure out if it’s because he’s so trusting or if it’s a defence mechanism ingrained in him from living with children before I adopted him. He is ridiculously affectionate (he’s in my lap as I’m typing this) and a complete baby. Mikey would spend every single moment in my arms if he could.

There you have it. My three stooges. You’ll most likely hear about their adventures in driving me mad, at some point in the future.


10 thoughts on “I’m sane. Well, sort of?

  1. Just curious.
    Do cats recognize their owners just the way dogs do?
    Lets say I took your cats over to my place for the weekend… do they miss you or something?
    Never have not ‘cat person’ around me, thought you might be my best catch on this….

    • I find that they do. When I take them to the Animal Clinic and they have to stay over night, they always miss me. They can pick me out of a crowd of my friends and always come when I call them. If I go away for an extended period of time they miss me until I get back. They’re more independant than dogs, but they’ll love you just as much.

  2. Hi! Lord Byron looks JUST LIKE my kitty, Pepper! They could be clones! Are you sure he isn’t a Maine Coon? People are always remarking about Pepper’s size–she’s 12 pounds and ALL cat–not just a fur ball. Non-cat folks don’t know that cats are very loyal, full of personality, smart, and of course they know us! They don’t like us to be gone too long. When I was on my honeymoon, by the end of that week, Pepper had even taken to hissing at the neighbors who came to feed her!

  3. They are gorgeous! I was never a cat person and loved dogs more but living in an apartment and wanting a pet meant I had to get a cat. And now I’m smitten! I have a beautiful 6 month old kitten named Pebbles and am contemplating getting another cat so she has company when I’m at work and also because I think it’ll be nice to have two. However, I’m still swaying between thinking it’s a good idea and then thinking it’s not!

  4. They are all absolutely gorgeous! I have one cat Flossie at the moment (one died last year, and another the year before that, they meant so much to us but they were both very old), and she used to love high places too. She’s old now though, so can’t get up so far. She’s such an odd cat, but getting to be a huge sook in her old age 🙂

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