Des larmes aux yeux.

I lost a very dear friend of mine yesterday morning.

Joline was a shot of life. She loved art and words and just had an exuberance for life that will forever be remembered. Joline was someone who always managed to make me laugh, even when I didn’t feel like it, and could always turn my mood around. She was my idea-bouncer, my creative muse and, in some cases, my straight-jacket. Joline always brought out the best in those around her and inspired the rest of us creative folk to get our shit together.

Her candle was snuffed out much too soon.

There’s a hole where Joline’s spot on my heart was. In this very moment, I’m not sure if it will ever heal. Rest in peace my lady love. I will never forget you.

Quand il ne reste plus
Que quelques rêves perdus
Tous les mots qu’on se dit
Ces pensées qui nous lient
Sont comme des larmes aux yeux
Des instants si précieux
Qu’on voudrait les garder
Au fond de nous cachés

(Sous Une Pluie D’Étoiles – Cindy Daniel)


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