Bonjour world!

I was apparently Freshly Pressed yesterday, but I was at work and missed it. I got home and was sorely tempted to call my best friend and have her double check the numbers coming up on my blog because they were a bit ridiculous and shocking. I’m still trying to get to all the comments!

So… I guess that really did happen then. Wow. I didn’t know that could happen to normal (sort of) people. That was surprisingly exciting.

I’m feeling very humbled and slightly intimidated right now.

17 thoughts on “Bonjour world!

  1. That’s where I discovered you; I was going in to post somthing on my own blog and saw yours. I love to cheer on fellow novelists. Bask in that glory – it’s something to add to the resume.

    • Milk it is then, and it absolutely should not make you feel like a kid!

      If it’s any consolation, my best friend grew up on a farm and she drinks at least 4 to 5 glasses of it a day. People who drink milk are fantastic!

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