You give me butterflies.

I made a wonderful discovery on my way home from work today. I decided to take a round-about way home, because walking is healthy, and passed under the overpass on the Main Street of my city. I found a bunch of butterflies.

I did a little research about these butterflies, and by ‘research’ I mean I asked my local friends on Facebook about them; as it turns out, they’ve been there for quite a while. Possibly a year or longer.

Personally, I’m not all that knowledgeable about graffiti (unless drawing Ninja Turtles on my bedroom wall, in crayon, when I was five and getting yelled at by my parents counts?) but don’t most places try to cover up the graffiti as soon as they can? Granted, my city is tiny in comparison to some, and I rarely ever encounter any graffiti – which I find slightly saddening – so I’m fairly certain that my city usually covers the stuff up quite quickly.

Maybe they left this one alone because it’s tasteful and positive? Or perhaps the people in charge of painting over the graffiti in my city really like butterflies and decided not to cover them? Either way, the butterflies are still there and will, most likely, stay there for a good long while yet. I feel kind of proud that my city decided to keep them.

That was totally today’s warm fuzzy.

19 thoughts on “You give me butterflies.

  1. Some places actually commission art in order to discourage graffiti. Whether spontaneous or deliberate, this is a really beautiful way to deal with an otherwise (let’s face it) ugly, breaking-down space. How wonderful that you discovered it!

    • I didn’t know that! I think that’s a brilliant idea though, because who would want to paint over a great piece of artwork? I’m really glad I discovered it and I’m trying to walk that way more often now.

  2. I love this post. I wish, very earnestly, that someone would come spray paint butterflies in my town. It would be like finding a little treasure. Thanks for that warm fuzzy feeling that there is hope for people, specially those who lug around paint cans in their bags :0)

  3. Beautiful, it’s great no one has graffitied over it, either. Love that you stumbled on these and thanks for sharing them. Public art should try to be this simple and uplifting, without being too cute or delivering a ‘message’ all the time.

  4. I’m surprised you hadn’t seen those before! And there’s bees (hornets?) on the other side of the road. 😀 And yes, they’re very cute and make me happy. ^_^.

  5. Cool! I’ve seen Graffiti similar to this in London (UK), and other cities in the UK, I always love discovering little bits of art around a city.

    • It’s like a mini-treasure hunt that you don’t know you’re on until you find the first little bit of art. I’ve always wanted to visit London, and this isn’t managing to discourage that want.

  6. Gorgeous!
    Across the road from where I used to live was a wall painted with:
    “Trick(star). I love U more than U love Macaroni Cheese Deluxe”
    No-one ever touched it – it was touching enough just as it was.

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