Hot water.

I love tea. In fact I probably love it more than most people. If I could have a romantic relationship with tea, I would and we’d already be married with kids.

I’m drinking tea as I’m typing this. It’s good for you, it can relax you when you’re stressed, put you to sleep, boost your metabolism, clean the toxins out of your system, make you feel better when you’re sick and it tastes great. I have yet to meet a tea that I hate. Tea comes in so many tastes and varieties that I have too many favourites. It’s a brilliant beverage and, since I really can’t stand the taste of coffee, it gets along very well with my taste buds.

I also have a crazy mental thing, where I buy accessories for my tea.

This giraffe kettle being the most awesome thing I have purchased in a great long while. It makes a ‘hum’ noise instead of a whistle when the water boils. It makes me happy and feel slightly ridiculous all at once. Personally, I think that there should be at least ONE thing in every persons home that makes them feel that way. It’s a delightfully giddy feeling that everyone should experience. Plus the object in question would be a wonderful conversation piece, or it would create awkward silences. Either way.

Putting the kettle on in the morning is much more fun.

18 thoughts on “Hot water.

  1. What a delightful kettle! About 30 years ago, I gave my mother this ridiculous teapot that looked like Alladin’s lamp. I bought it at a flea market, not knowing that it was considered some sort of antique/collector’s item. My sister, who is into that sort of thing, immediately spotted it and suggested that it not be used, only displayed. I, on the other hand, think that its only value comes from bringing joy. I smile whenever I see that it has been taken down from the shelf and used.

  2. Love the giraffe kettle! I have a winged boar which I made in high school (full size) mounted on the wall so you see it just as you come in the front door. It always surprises tradesmen, but they never ever comment. Kids always do.

  3. Ok, that does it! I HAD to include you — and that awesome giraffe kettle! — in my list of nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog never ceases to bring a smile 🙂 I think you are my much-younger-self in disguise!

    Read about your nomination here:
    and read about the award here:



  4. I’ve a pair of bulbous orange lamps that make me feel exactly that way. The giraffe kettle is terrific. Favorite sipper is Stash Tea’s Christmas Morning.

  5. I LOVE TEA TOO! It makes me feel super happy if I am feeling down. Have you ever tried “blooming flower” tea? Watching it bloom is fun. Usually most of them are jasmine flavored and its more about the “blooming” effect. It’s fun. I used to go and treat myself to blooming flower tea in Japan when I lived there. Try Iyemon Green tea. Also genmai cha is one of my favorites. It has little bits of popcorn in the tea canister.

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